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6 Popular Games that Every Kid Must Play

We all know that the kids are often addicted to play the games once they reached home from school. It is not the bad thing to play, but addicting could have been avoided. However, the games will please the kids at anytime.

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The important games which always entertain the kids are given here. You can find some of the important games for the kids to play at any time. For the information, here we are sharing the favorite games for the kids.

  • Angry Birds

Angry Birds

It is one of the free games that gains enormous popularity among the people for the past few years. Also, it is one such a game that is available in all of the Smartphones to play during their free time. This game has more than 100 levels to play with your friends at any stage. Yes, it is free to download and install on your mobile.

  • Bubadu


Bubadu is the game for the kid’s to play. It is not an educational game, but yes it helps to play with some interesting things. It is a game about being a doctor, a dentist, building, visiting the supermarket. It is very easy to play with the kids at any time. Also, you can find a number of mechanics to play.

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  • Explorium


Explorium is the game to play with two player mode. It is an exciting game to play with your family too. The game is mainly based on the learning of traveling deep under the ocean. With this traveling, you will get more than 50 facts to know which will be interesting. Background music of this game is awesome and kids love to listen.

  • Intellijoy


The developer of intellijoy has produced great fun games for the kids. Some of the exciting games are puzzles to solve, painting, and educational games. These are the main games that please the kids as well as the parents.

  •  Google Feud

Google Feud

Google Feud is an Auto Suggesting Game that Kids loves to Play. Google Feud is popular among people these days. Search Engine suggests Funny and some weird Answers but this is Awesome.

  • Toca Boca

Toca Kitchen

Toca Boca is the developer producing some interesting things to utilize by the kids. It is the game that put you in the scenario, and you have to solve at a time. Likewise, you can find some exciting games like taking vacations, going to the big city and much more.