Face Recognition Technology for Marriage in Chinese City

The newlyweds are going to get a big sigh of relief through the newly invented technology of face recognition for marriage registration. Yes, you heard it right. Just like you have unique finger lock on your phone, now you can have face recognition technology for marriage.

The technology is particularly devised to prevent any kind of fake marriage registration through wrong names. Subordinate to placing their original id cards over the machines, the face recognition of the married couple would be the next step

The giant face recognition database interfaces any Chinese citizens within a fraction of a second. The technology is also useful for the ones who have undergone plastic surgeries.

The prevention of Identity theft is the main reason why China had to undertake such a step. The technology is definitely striving to make things better. Every now and then China comes up with something or the other Revolutionary that leave the world awestruck.

The marriage registration process through face recognition is recently adopted in the city of Chongqing in the month of January 2018.

The process of face recognition is not only practiced particularly on Chinese couples but also for the marriages happening between Chinese citizens and foreigners.

Let’s have a quick look by China adopted such a Technology

  • Chinese law particularly requires identity proof and household registration certificate of the married couple before awarding them with the certificate that proves their marriage. The facial recognition Technology helps to reduce the length the procedure of examination and results in more accuracy of everything.
  • The quick snap taken on the spot of the couple is used for comparing the information mentioned in the document including the public database. Hence, if someone happens to get married twice, the face recognition database would immediately reveal it. Within just a few seconds the entire process of verification gets executed. Definitely, it’s a big relief to the newly married couple as well as Chinese law.
  • People who have undergone facial transformations through plastic surgery are also effectively recognized you through the system. The artificial intelligence makes the use of facial recognition Technology apart from fingerprint and retina scan.
  • Chinese authorities further argue that the technology of facial recognition is going to help in solving out the criminal cases. It is also going to put an end to a fake marriage certificate and reveal a lot about fraudulent Chinese citizens.

Apart from chongqing City of China, the facial recognition technology is going to reach other parts of the world soon.

The lesser time consuming and more precise method of identification not only helps people to have more reliable marriage certificates but also save them from any kind of legitimate frauds. The quickest time to complete the entire examination is .3 seconds.

Till date, it was difficult to recognize twins through the artificial recognition systems. However, this technology is going to evacuate all the shortcomings by cracking down the limitations of facial recognition. Hence, even if twins get married, the technological equipment facial recognition would easily identify them as two individuals who are compatible for a legalized marriage certificate.