5 Games To Play While Cooking Dinner That Everyone Will Love

Are you wondering about what are the games that you can play while cooking dinner? We have got solutions for you.

While you cook food by visiting big chief smoker review, you can have some enjoyment at the dinner table.

This is the time when every member of the family sits down and all of them can have talks among each other regarding various things.

In addition to that, everyone can also play various games that we are going to discuss in a meanwhile.

  1. Dinner guests

Dinner party

Well, this is quite a fun game to begin. In this game, you need to ask every member of the family a question and the question is who will they like to have at the dinner table.

Write down all the names and quite often kids will write the names of the celebrities. Pick the names that are common. It will be quite interesting to see which names come quite often.

  1. Finish the story


Okay, this is also a fantastic game to play while dinner is being cooked by the big chief smoker.

What you can do is start a story by any member of your family and then ask other members of the family to add a line or a segment to it. Start this game and play this till the dinner ends. This way the game will make the dinner highly interesting.

  1. A day in review

In this game what you need to perform is that every member of the family needs to depict the entire day of the other member of the family.

But the twist is that first, they need to pick a letter with which they won’t add any word starting with it.

What this does is that this game will lead to enormous amounts of big words that will increase your vocabulary levels.

  1. Pig


This game is famous among the kids. What needs to be done here while cooking dinner is that first pick a dice and then ask every member of the family to roll the dice one by one. Who so ever reaches to 100 first will win the game. Anyone getting a 1 will mark his/her disqualification.

  1. Who am I?

Who am I

Here what every member of the family needs to do is that pick a name from a bowl consisting of random names written on pieces of paper.

Every member of the family needs to give a brief description of the other family member and everyone needs to guess whether its correct of that person or not.

This was all about the games that you can play while having dinner so that your family can come close.