7 Tips for Your Customer to Convert Phone Leads into Sales

According to Google, the connection is the most important part of the buying process. Check out valuable tips to convert your leads into sales

Conversion, innovation, more assertive ROI and all that is good! That’s how the phone lead was born! In a data driven universe, where those who believe in the power of data come out ahead, the phone lead plays an important role in sales conversion.

In the context of agencies, one of the most frequent pains is precisely making their clients see value in the delivery of leads. After all, who has never heard the customer question the quality of the leads that arrived, right?

The detail that often goes unnoticed is that several campaigns, online or offline, generate contacts over the phone. And then the question remains: how to prove that the phone leads that close sales came from your agency’s campaigns?

Curiosity hit? Follow up there!

What is phone lead

If you’re in the marketing world, you understand what leads are, right? But what is a phone lead? In a very simple way, it is a lead that, at some point, called your customer and generated a business opportunity. 

Simple, right? But how important is the phone lead to your customer?

According to the North American Institute BIA/Kelsey, a phone lead converts up to 15 times more than a form lead. And one of the reasons that justifies this expressive difference is the speed of service that the telephone provides, after all, the lead that calls already shows greater interest in your customer’s service or product.

According to Google data, 61% of people say that the call is the most important part of the purchase process, that is, the phone call has high relevance and power to influence the purchase decision.

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Why measure your customer’s phone leads?

Understanding the importance of the phone lead becomes essential to answer this question, as it will bring a greater probability of closed business for your customer. By identifying the phone lead’s origin campaign, the agency’s actions become more segmented and with greater chances of conversion.

By including the phone lead in the ROI calculation, it becomes more assertive. This is because it is possible to complete the calculation with the number of phone leads generated by each of the campaigns individually. With more assertive data, it becomes simpler to prove the value of the agency’s actions to its client.

Okay, but how do you measure leads in a phone channel?

Amidst so much highly developed software, systems with call tracking functionality allow calls to be measured and transformed into data. This makes it possible to obtain more assertive information about the performance of marketing campaigns and the return generated in sales.

In this process, voice intelligence also becomes a great ally. From a phone call, artificial intelligence applied to voice can extract important data from a call. It is possible, for example, to generate data on the interest profile of telephone leads, in addition to qualifying the level of use of a call.

And what to do with this data?

Use it to your advantage! And in favor of your client too, of course. With so much information at hand, it is possible to analyze which media are generating the most phone leads and know more precisely what customers are looking for. In addition, it is possible to evaluate the service provided by your customer’s sales team, to know which words have become recurrent in calls, among many other information.

And it is with this data that your agency will be able to prove its value in your client’s sales results. That’s why it’s so important to carefully follow each step of your customer’s buying journey.

Therefore, the agency-client relationship must be a healthy and reciprocal relationship, after all, the client’s success is your success too. With this in mind, the Sales team of Sky Marketing have separated some tips that require dedication on both sides and that generate positive results in sales. Check out:

#1: Share your customer’s phone number  

It sounds simple but the phone is often left out in the dissemination of campaigns and advertisements. For companies that receive phone calls, whether for sales, customer service or any other sector, the easy availability of the telephone number is essential.

It is worth remembering that every advertising channel can have a telephone number, it is enough to be well aligned with the customer’s acquisition strategy. A very useful option that is constantly growing is the insertion of the phone in Google My Business. This way, with just one search, the customer can easily find the number of the company he wants to contact.

#2: Use click to call in campaigns

According to a survey conducted by Google 70% of mobile users use click to call to contact a company. Inserting the click to call option in Google Ads is an option that facilitates the contact between the customer and the company through a single click.

#3: Maintain a relationship with your client’s sales team

Maintaining a relationship with the customer is fundamental to the success of this partnership. And as we are talking about lead phone, steer your customer to make the monitoring of connections that the commercial team receives it is a good option to strengthen the bond between the stages of the purchase journey.

#4: Align your online ad schedule with your customer

In Digital Marketing, it is interesting that the ads that have the phone number integrated have scheduled times. As it is the lead who is willing to call the company, it can be said that he is at the peak of interest in the product/service offered. Therefore, it is essential to have a team prepared to answer calls at that moment, and not let the interest cool down.

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#5: (Re) know the customer persona

In a link it is possible to extract various information, such as name, level of interest and which service or product generates the most demand. By measuring this data, it is possible to complement the persona information and draw a more faithful profile of who the customer is.

#6: Use phone data in favor of this partnership

Advertising a different phone number on each media helps you measure the return of phone leads on each media. In this way, mask phone numbers are a viable and easy to acquire option. With them it is possible to announce different numbers in each media so that everyone directs to an original number of the company. This monitoring allows easy identification of the performance by phone of each campaign.

#7: Advise your customer to adopt the IVR system

Guiding your customer to adopt an URA (Audible Response Unit) is a good option for managing phone leads. By adopting this system, the telephone lead will be forwarded in a simple way to the sector you want.

URA collaborates with the lead’s ease of access to the information they want, providing a more agile and targeted service. In addition, the measurement of calls by sector is a good indication of which sectors or services are most in demand, ideal for collaborating with the service scale according to the demand for calls.

#8: Give your customers options

Anyone in the agency market knows that clients want to conquer the world (and who doesn’t?). But sometimes the expectations at the agency are too high and it is not in their hands to meet all the demands, and this unfortunately reflects negatively on the client’s view.

One way to maintain a good relationship with the customer and still offer the necessary solution is the indication of partners. Agencies don’t have to handle everything (and in fact, they shouldn’t), so the option to align with partners is ideal for meeting client needs and still balancing the demand for deliveries with another specialist.

Let’s convert?

Now it’s just a matter of putting into practice everything you’ve learned about phone lead conversion and taking those news to your agency’s client base.

This post was written with the help of Management team of Blue World City, which aims at the growth of agencies and companies, providing assertive data to optimize their sales and gain customers from insights obtained through the platform’s data.