CEO: his role in the company and how he helps the sales team


CEO is the person responsible for having a deep knowledge of the companies’ business and translating this wisdom into actions for the growth of corporations. But its importance goes far beyond setting goals or participating in strategic planning.

It is important for business success that the CEO is involved in the sales process. Also because, as he is the image that reflects the company, the more he is involved with the market, in theory, the easier it will be to close a deal.

But getting to that equation isn’t always easy. After all, how much should your involvement in sales be? In today’s article, we’ll address these issues and discuss how CEO involvement in this mission can be positive.

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What is a CEO and how does he work in companies?

Let’s do it by steps. First, it is necessary to understand that CEO is an acronym in English for Chief Executive Officer – or, in translation, Executive Director.

He clearly needs to lead all teams within the company, even if not directly. He will be responsible for the action strategies to come out of the paper and, of course, to be effective in practice.

A good CEO, in addition to taking care of the quality of work and thinking about strategies based on his internal and market knowledge, also puts his hands dirty. When it comes to sales, this has the same truth. But, calm down. We’re already there.

There are strong traits in the characteristics of an executive director. He needs to be aware of changes and obviously technology. After all, regardless of the segment in which it operates, the impact of the latter will be inevitable.

If not in the day-to-day work, at least in the way the customer sees the brand. Technology will make it more demanding by providing it with information – and the company will need to be ready for that impact.

The Qualities of a Good CEO

Taking risks, being strategic, knowing how to lead, caring about people. These are a requirement that a good CEO fulfills in order to be successful in the day-to-day work and pass on confidence to all sectors of the company.

But generally speaking, a leader in any business needs to have:

CEO Qualities: Important Characteristics

  • Passion – it is necessary to love what you do to always be true to what you propose and what you do;
  • Intensity – you need to be intense to get the focus you need to be both strategic and operational;
  • Organization – it is essential to be organized and know what needs to be done, when and how;
  • Resilience – it is vital to adapt to different scenarios and know the best path to take in different contexts;
  • Calm – it is important to be calm to have a more assertive decision-making in good times and especially bad;
  • Vision – it is essential to have a vision of the business, understand the market, the company and anticipate trends in order to always be ahead;
  • Communication – it is essential to communicate well internally and with the market so that everyone understands what needs to be done;
  • Relationship – it is essential to have a good relationship with your subordinates so that everyone believes and wears the company’s shirt;
  • Improvement – it is imperative that he is constantly improving and pursuing ways to improve business results.

And, of course, it is strategic to get involved in processes such as commercial…

But then what role does the CEO play in sales?

This article is an excerpt from the Ramper Webinar, “What is the CEO’s role in accelerating the sales team?” which had the CEO of CRM PipeRun, Cezar Augusto Gehm Filho , as a participant.

Below, check out some important points to be highlighted about CEO involvement in company sales.

Alignment of company values

Who better than the CEO to be aligned with the company’s values ​​and mission? Obviously this needs to be present in the sales pitch of a sales team.

“I understand that the role is to meet various demands. From experience, you end up having to act on several fronts. Sometimes it takes time to find the right person for the sales team. You need to train her within your company’s values, culture, and form the person within your team. It’s a huge challenge,” commented Gehm.

Sales Playbook: How important is it to the sales team?

Assertive sales pitch

As mentioned above, having a sales team aligned with your company’s values ​​is essential. The message passed to the customer is continuous. After all, if he is interested in your business, it is essential that you show that he is not wrong.

Thus, having the CEO inside the sales pitch opens doors. After all, it is the image of the company that is there and certainly some resistance that the customer has are more easily overcome.

“For this reason, the issue of the company’s values ​​and culture must be present at all times”, he commented.


CEO Virtues

Being in the day-to-day of the company is a perfect scenario for any manager, of course. However, the reality is not always this. But, there are some possible actions to further improve the business process.

And one of them is micromanagement.

If the results aren’t going well and your CRM sales funnel is weak, it’s time to ask your salespeople a few questions.

Open their public calendars and ask, “How many calls did you make this week? How long did they last? How many were relevant? How many schedules have you set aside for next week?”

Well done work over the days is a guarantee that, by the end of the month, the goal will be closer to being met. Within this idea, having a CRM where it is possible to record the calls made (being able to listen to the recording of them) and having the entire history of business opportunities saved is essential for the success of your business.

“It’s the CEO’s job to set the goal and also help hit the ‘kickbox’ with the commercial director. This is super important to keep up the sales scale. We are always looking for other ways to improve the process”, he explained.

Insights to improve the solution

CEO: vision and leadership

Even with the rush of daily life, keeping in touch with the customer, whether new or older, is essential to improve the solution that your company brings.

After all, only those who feel the “pain” of everyday life can provide valuable information for your business to make more and more sense to those who buy. And, of course, ensuring the so-called customer success.

“For any CEO who wants to scale fast, it’s not good to be out of the front line,” said Gehm. “The fact of talking to the customer, serving him still, brings strategic insights to stay on the beat of growth, the development of new features”, he added.

After all, the competition is on the street, prospecting customers just like you. Anyone who is not aligned with the customer’s need will be left behind, right?

“I have a clear vision. The market changes and has new tools. I really have this very clear because of the view we have from within. It is one of the main points for the CEO in relation to sales”, he said.

“Outside” view

As we said, insights are important in improving the product or service your company sells. Because of this, an outside view of the day-to-day, of the sales process operational, brings new visions and solutions to the area.

“The CEO can, for example, either act with the new customer or make a call to a base customer. The commercial team cannot accomplish this many times because it is focused on the operational. He is focused on solving the area’s activities and not on the business line itself,” he said.

“Those who are involved in a routine process operate in the same way, often without seeing the problem. And this is normal, it happens. So, with a CEO monitoring, it is possible to improve the sales process”, he added.

Technology, yes, but valuing people

CEO: leadership and people management

Having a CRM with automated actions, which sends e-mails to customers at every step in the sales pipeline, is essential, of course. After all, what manager doesn’t want to sell more and optimize his team’s work time, right?

However, the CEO’s focus is and always should be on people. Valuing them is essential to the commercial process of any business. And this cannot be overlooked in sales and in any area of ​​any company.

“We are always looking out for people. I have a mission to go back to this more and more. It is important to think ahead, yes, but always valuing people”, said Gehm.

So, how is your involvement in your company’s sales going?

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