From 5 to 300 qualified Leads in 3 years: the evolution of Digital Marketing at Alerta Security

Understand how the cyber security company saw in Inbound Marketing the natural evolution of its strategy, previously focused on social networks

Anyone who used Windows a lot in the 90s and 2000s will certainly remember the Security Warnings. Whenever any threat arose, the system alerted the user to make updates as soon as possible. For a lot of people, it was all the contact they had with the cyber security world.

That’s how the 4 founding partners came up with the name Alerta Security for their company, in 2004. Bringing a reference known to people, they saw an opportunity to connect with a wider audience when they started representing an antivirus brand corporate. That’s how, with entrepreneurs doing a little bit of everything in the business, the story began.

More than 15 years later, Alerta Security has changed and grown: today, it offers complete cyber security solutions to more than 150 remotely managed clients. Within that time, the challenges to find these customers were many. We spoke with Eduardo Campelo, Marketing Coordinator, to learn a little more about this story.

From antivirus to complete cyber security solutions

Alerta Security’s history has a constant theme: understanding what the customer wants. Right away, the first change of focus was in this direction: the initial product, the corporate antivirus, had good market acceptance, but new demands soon emerged.

“Over the years, customers have started to request firewalls for our sales team, so this change was a natural market movement”, explains Eduardo. Other natural movements followed, causing the portfolio of products, services and partnerships to expand.

Today, Alerta Security offers complete information security solutions, being able to customize packages according to the needs of each client. “In addition to the firewall, we do everything from an analysis of the current status of customer information security, to the implementation of monitoring systems, data protection management through a cyber-security remote operation center”, says Eduardo.

Depending on what is needed, there are several levels of relationship with customer systems, from just diagnosis to operation, passing through threat monitoring. There is also the offer of individual certifications for professionals seeking improvement in cyber security.

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How the company’s Digital Marketing evolved from social media to Inbound

With so many stories to tell, Alerta Security’s marketing has also had to undergo transformations in these 15 years. When operating in a model similar to the sales representation of just one firewall manufacturer, there were plenty of Leads via referral by the partner. However, when the interest to expand the portfolio with other firewall brands arose, naturally these indications ended up retracting – a situation that adjusted over time.

Then, the need to diversify actions begins to appear. Until around 2015, the company was only investing in Google Ads, entirely controlled by an agency. “We didn’t even know exactly how the money was spent, which made the partners not believe in the power of Digital Marketing”, says Eduardo Campelo.

It was at this time, by the way, that the current Marketing coordinator joined Alerta Security, but to work in the certification sales sector. Already interested in the possibilities that the internet offered to bring more business, Eduardo received the mission to insert the company in Digital Marketing. The path would not be simple.

“We had simple contact forms on the site, generating Leads that were mixed with others obtained at events, but in all cases we had no idea about the moment they were in the purchase journey”, remembers Eduardo. He says that, sometimes, someone would send an email just to ask a question – and ends up getting a call from a seller.

Starting to understand where Leads came from

Soon, Alerta Security stopped working with the agency and internalized the work of Digital Marketing. The first experience proposed by Eduardo was to enter social networks. “We used Facebook to attract Leads for certifications and LinkedIn to attract corporate clients, mainly with ads,” he says.

The first actions generated 5 qualified Leads. It seems little, but it was encouraging – for the first time, the company understood what they wanted and was able to approach them more assertively. In that same year, another 600 Leads were generated mainly in events, but, unlike those that came from social media, we didn’t quite know what to do with them.

At the end of 2016, the blog appeared on the Alerta Security website. However, no Landing Pages: contacts were still captured in simple forms, coming from social networks to the blog. Evolving the work in 2017, Eduardo started to promote webinars, internal events and workshops.

The content work has already brought a significant evolution in the generation of qualified Leads: at the end of 2017, there were 80. The next 2 years, however, would definitely change the way Alerta Security would start to attract more contact and close sales.

2018, the year of the turn

Even with the advances in Digital Marketing, it was possible to advance (a lot). Roughly speaking, the flow was still almost direct from the social network to the sales approach, via blog and simple form. Eduardo then decided to take the next step: Inbound Marketing, adopting the method of Sky Marketing.

“I really wanted to understand how the sales funnel works, that’s why we looked for RD”, says the Marketing coordinator. Right away, he reduced the base of emails from 50,000 to 4,500 – leaving only those with purchase potential. With tests, Email Marketing actions and creation of journeys, the number of Hot Leads reached 159.

Eduardo made a point of remembering that, in 2018, ad budgets for Google and Facebook, in addition to investments in events, were entirely cut. “In other words, we were able to double the Hot Leads using only RD Station Marketing”, he says.

Among the features of the tool most used by Alerta Security are Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and the Landing Pages Editor, which in the end work together to deliver more and more Leads.

2019, the year of consolidation

Eduardo defined last year as the consolidation of Inbound Marketing in the company. “Early on, the partners had a ‘wow moment’ when I showed him, with RD Station Marketing, how many interactions a Lead had before a salesperson got in touch,” he says. Now I had background and funnel analysis involved in the process.

The migration to Inbound Marketing, in fact, changed the profile of the company’s Sales team a lot. Before, a highly technically specialized team in information security was needed, as the Leads arrived very cold. The process was longer and involved a lot of explanation and technical persuasion, as well as a bigger and more expensive team.

Sellers are now specialized in what really matters: selling. With Inbound Marketing, Leads have already consumed content related to cyber security, arriving more ready to close the sale. “We no longer have a 100% active team, but now get Leads with, on average, 60% of the journey covered”, says Eduardo.

In fact, in 2019, the number of qualified Leads almost doubled again: there were 300. In other words, in the end, since the beginning of 2016, doing only social networks until the consolidation of the Inbound Marketing strategy, there was an impressive leap from 5 to 300 qualified Leads with Digital Marketing.

The company’s revenue also grew significantly: it jumped from R$1.5 million in 2016 to R$4.3 million coming only from new accounts in 2019.

What the future holds for Alerta Security

The Alerta Security team is very excited for 2020. The big news is the opening of the company’s new office in the United States, more precisely in Florida. The intention is to continue growing, generating more and more qualified Leads and, of course, more and more sales.

“As we have a growing understanding of what our Leads and clients want, The management team Blue World City is going to prepare content, webinars and automations that are increasingly personalized and efficient”, explains Eduardo, showing the growth paths for the year that is just beginning.

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