Mental triggers: what is it and 5 triggers to close more sales

mental triggers

Mental triggers are efficient, quick and sure ways to unwind a deal and convert it into a sale.

Using them is being strategic and aware of what needs to be done to ensure the customer will buy what you sell.

There are many situations in which salespeople find it difficult to get around the objections that the potential customer raises.

And the script that the seller uses is not always effective. After all, every business has its own peculiarity, right?

As much as you know the profile of the customer you sell, there are details that can lead to the gain or loss of a given opportunity.

It is within this need that resorting to some mental triggers has the positive effect within negotiations.

In key moments, at the time of the popular “go or crack”, it is necessary to stimulate the mind to decide on the purchase.

And salespeople who master a few mental triggers are always one step ahead of the rest.

We’ve selected some of them in this article to help you close more deals every day.

The aim is, in addition to improving the company’s commercial results, to always generate more value for customers.

And that, you will see, will make all the difference. Let’s check it out? Good reading!

Mental triggers can help you overcome some obstacles in the sales process.

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5 mental triggers to not let any sale slip

How do you manage to close a sale that proves to be difficult? How to get around the objections and suspicions that the prospect presents?

These are all questions that don’t have a specific answer. But with the help of some mental triggers, it is possible to be strategic in finding solutions.

After all, not every customer is the same. Not everyone has the same pains, the same needs, and obviously the same security about what they’re buying.

The seller then needs to lead the way. It is necessary to be clear when speaking and to show that, yes, the company is an authority in the segment.

That the seller is obviously a consultant. The right person with the ideal solution at the perfect time.

That’s why we’ve separated 5 mental triggers to help you accelerate sales and ensure more leads are won.


1 – Seek to generate value for the customer

The first essential strategy is, always, at all times of contact, to generate value for the customer.

And this needs to happen mainly when the inside sales model is adopted – which happens in B2B sales as a whole.

The salesperson must have their sales script, of course, as it helps them show how the solution works. But, following some sales techniques , you need to listen.

Be an active listener, understanding customer pain. He needs to show, didactically, that for that pain, there is a specific functionality that fixes it.

When the customer understands that you listened to them and showed them how their problem can be fixed, you gain their attention and, later, their trust. And that doesn’t have to happen only when selling.

It can and must have space in the pre-sale , at the time of qualifying the lead. Therefore, it is crucial to have good content produced.

Articles that talk about the importance of what you sell to the type of customer they are.

Videos that share in a didactic way how the solution works and what are the best practices around it.

The intention is always to make people safe, confident and certain that closing a deal with you is the surest decision that can occur.

2 – Create a sense of urgency and/or scarcity

Saying “little missing” is a mental trigger that can speed up your sale.

Often, conveying the idea that there is not much time to make a decision about the purchase can be a good way out.

This is an example of an urgent mental trigger – such as a payment term or promotion that is ending.

And, even better: put a scarcity tone too. After all, it may only be for the first 30 customers of the day.

The intention is to encourage the person not to want to miss something that sounds unique. And that deciding immediately will be something beneficial, which will lead to gains.

That is, the correct thing to do. This can happen at times when the negotiation doesn’t go out of place.

Time is running out and consequently the sales cycle and also the CAC are increasing.

So the seller can say that he got, from the sales manager

, a 15% discount for closings that occur today.

Therefore, the decision needs to be taken immediately, at the risk of losing something unmissable.

3 – Show the opportunity as special

This mental trigger dialogues, in a way, with the item listed above. It’s actually a kind of anchorage.

An opportunity that is, at that moment, unmissable. That the original price, just at that moment, at that time, will be less than the original. But note the following.

It is necessary to make the customer understand that this is the only moment he has to take advantage of something very advantageous.

However, this strategy does not need to be used only in relation to prices. It is possible to use some benefit from what you sell right now.

Sometimes it’s even necessary. And use numbers to make the conversation more didactic.

Say that, with your solution, the increase in team productivity is 20% compared to those who do not use your service.

And then, you can link this to a specific plan that the company sells, for example.

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4 – Use of social proof

Social proof is an excellent mental trigger to show that many people are satisfied with what you’re trying to sell right now.

To make a positive impact, numbers are essential. So choose the ones that have the power to impress you the most.

For those who sell MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), or Monthly Recurring Revenue, for example. You can use the amount of users you have on the platform.

But, if this number doesn’t impact, change the strategy a little. Suddenly you can measure the number of people impacted, deals closed, or amounts transacted.

It does not matter. The crucial thing is that you use the numbers to your advantage. Provided, of course, they are true. Under no circumstances can they be invented.

By doing this, you stimulate the customer’s need to feel a part of it. To enjoy something that is genuinely big and important.

5 – Show yourself authority

Show that you are an expert in the market.

Act with authority. This is one of the most direct and, to some extent, the most rigid mental triggers around.

However, as a matter of fact, the salesperson who wants to be successful in his sales routine , before the market, must show himself as an expert in the segment in which he operates.

Of course, it needs to be clarified that acting in authority is different from being authoritarian.

Be a consultant in the area, a reference, someone to be followed and consulted at all times. That’s what the seller needs to be. To build that image of authority, start slowly.

Do this by producing good content, signed. And this can range from blog posts, eBooks, to webinars and courses. If they are all free, even better.

After all, in addition to showing yourself as an expert, you send the message that you are concerned with positively influencing the entire ecosystem that surrounds you.

You can be sure that customers will notice this and will know how to recognize it. They know values. Especially when customer success is always present.

Know where and when to use mental triggers

Better than knowing some mental triggers is knowing where and with whom you can use them. B2B sales, you know, are more complex.

They involve – almost always – more than one decision-maker. So, resorting to this type of strategy may not be very effective.

There are goals and objectives to be achieved. However, if you “force” this sale, the effect can be negative. More contacts are needed in these cases to ensure closure.

“Pushing” the sale may even be effective, but the chance to churn later exists. And that will compromise your sales metrics.

So, how can we help you?

If you have any doubts about this content, or want to know how to leverage the use of mental triggers: TALK TO A CONSULTANT.

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Good sales!